Looong time

Well, it’s been a loong time since I first thought about retiring (yes, I know that #-dev’s topic states “developer blogs” ain’t for announcing important things, but my blog has to do for this; if not, I don’t care anymore ❗ ).

But I think it’s about time for me to leave. I haven’t done much lately, I’ve been soo damn busy with work these last months like I would never have imagined. I gave it some more thought, and I finally got to the point (again I might add) where all just annoys and/or frustrates me.

All the damn bickering, the childish behaviour Josh talked about (“noooo, that’s my TOY!“), the constant abuse of power (hey #-chat, #-kde ops). I thought most of us would at least try and behave like the elderish people we are (well besides the few of us, who really are children by law’s definition – hey there welp, omp, keytoaster 😉 ). But I guess that’s just been an imaginary thought I had .. *shrug*

Just this last thing, I’m gonna say thank to you to the few of you I’ve been gotten around to call friends.

Thank you

  • Christina
  • Diego
  • Joshua (tsunam)
  • Joshua (nightmorph)
  • Łukasz
  • Jorge
  • Markus
  • Daniel (dsd)
  • Gysbert
  • Peter
  • Christian (well, not me. But hoffie and opfer)
  • Chris
  • Mike (well, three of you. ‘taco, mpagano and vapier)
  • solar
  • Andrew
  • Alex
  • Raúl
  • Tobias (dertobi)
  • Tobias (klausman)
  • Robert (rbu)
  • Robin
  • Shyam
  • Brent
  • Benedikt
  • Homer

It’s been a hell of a ride, and I thank all of you, deeply, from the bottom of my heart for the support, advice and resources you all gave me. This is it! This time, there’s no turning back, sorry Christina 😛

So, I’m gonna stick to my day job, pay more attention to my trainees and maybe put some effort into getting something better! So long, farewell people. If people need to reach me; my email addresses still are in ldap, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Hasta luego (or maybe not, we’ll see …)

10 thoughts to “Looong time”

  1. Christian,

    You’ve been one of the most awesome folks to work with and, more importantly, to just hang out with.

    I hope I see you ’round the ‘net somehow, or perhaps on #-ut. 🙂

  2. Its sad to see you go but as always please stay in touch. Its been a pleasure to work with you and I hope you enjoy your new found freedom.

  3. It was a real pleasure working with you.

    I guess it’s all so well-thought there’s no point in convincing you to stay.

    But anyway, drop by to -dev or -devrel time to time, maybe we will eventually manage to recruit you back while you’re distracted or something. 🙂

    Good luck Christian.

  4. I wish you all the best, my friend. In my “brand new dev days” you were more of a help to me that I think you realize.

    Thanks for that.

  5. Sad to see you go, but now that you seem to have really thought a lot about making this decision and are even giving some (sadly) valid reasons, I can somehow understand your decision.
    So, thanks again for all your work you’ve done for Gentoo and good luck with your future plans. 🙂

    Christian — one of those “children” you mentioned (at least at the time you recruited me :P)

  6. I’m saddened to see you leave, thank you for all your hard work and contributions to Gentoo over the years.

    Best wishes and happiness in your future endeavours!

  7. I’ve always enjoyed working with you. And I’m still going to have to poke you from time to time about misc miranda things which you setup. So.. You can run but you can’t hide..

    peace bro…

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