Extending VMotion compatiblity (continued)

Remember my last post about cpu masking ? Well, turns out that you can do it to a “template”.

The only point you don’t need to do, is to mark the VM as a “template“. You still can clone it and move it around and all that other stuff, but the good part is, that the cloned VM keeps the cpu mask set to the “template*shrug*

I don’t know, why VMware didn’t include that feature into the templates, since it’s a real freaky way to do.

Nagios3 with Active Directory authorization on SLES10

Well, it seems to be getting a “trend” for me, to integrate stuff into our Active Directory. Now that I know why, and how easy that is, I expect to add more stuff. The good thing about the integration is, that you only need to maintain a single source for authorization.

The bad thing about that is, that stuff becomes dependent on the Active Directory (we do have four domain controllers, so that should be fine).

Now, here’s the ssl-(only) apache2 configuration file for my vhost:

As you can see, AuthLDAPUrl holds the four LDAP servers separated by spaces (that’s what the Apache2 documentation says about that), and that actually works.

The only additional thing I had to change from the nagios part is in /etc/nagios/cgi.cfg to allow everyone to issue system commands. Also, if you ever stumble upon extraneous chars in the check_nrpe output, update to a newer NRPE version, that fixed it for me (that is on the receiver side – as in the box running the NRPE agent).