Nagios Hostgroup Inheritance

As I wrote earlier, I recently virtualized our nagios. Along with that came a complete “redesign” of how checks are applied. Up till now, I defined checks for each and every single server, thus ending up with ~25 files, each holding roughly 6 checks which are in the same file just sorted by hostname.

As you can imagine, it gets quite confusing with that amount of checks (~150). So the last two days I spent on reorganizing (with Visio), on which object/hostgroup placing a check would make sense. Now, this is my first result of two days planning, reorganizing, reordering and moving hosts into different hostgroups.

Nagios Hostgroup Inheritance - Linux
Nagios Hostgroup Inheritance – Linux
Nagios Hostgroup Inheritance - Windows
Nagios Hostgroup Inheritance – Windows
Thanks to Josh (and Chris I think), realizing the above is gonna get quite easy. Gonna talk about the config layout itself about once I have it all wrapped up. Stay tuned!