Subversion via HTTP(s) and mod_rewrite

Well, I just finished my wild-goose chase with Apache and subversion regarding a rather weird error. I recently reinstalled our subversion box, and ever since then I was unable to commit anything new to any of the repositories.
Subversion told me this:

Apache didn’t say much about it either, besides this particular line:

Today I sat down and thought really hard, what exactly was different from before.

  1. Installed Trac instead of Redmine, but that can’t have anything to do with the error
  2. Configured URL rewriting …

As it turns out, the following RewriteRule was the cause:

After changing the Rewrite Rule (as showed below, compare the difference yourself 😛 ), it works just like a charm.

Hint to self: whenever encountering HTTP 302 in conjunction with Subversion, check the RewriteRule’s ❗

Linux-HA and Tivoli Storage Manager

Well, since we received part of our shipment on Wednesday, I finally looked at how we’re gonna deploy our active/active Tivoli Storage Manager configuration. Right now, we do have a single pSeries box hosting ~100 client nodes which we’re looking to split by two (since we do have two x366 for that purpose now).
Now, as there ain’t no solution for this scenario yet (neither from International Business Machines nor someone out of the open source community), I sat down and started writing an OCF Resource agent for dsmserv (that is the Tivoli Storage Manager server).
At first I had a bit trouble adjusting myself on how stupid/non-standard dsmserv is, but after reading through the Storage Manager Installation handbook (on multiple installations on a single server) and through some peoples notes on multiple deployments of Tivoli Storage Manager on the same server, I think I managed to get my head around it.
I still think the resource agent lacks some real testing (I put a two node cluster online on Tuesday, but that is non-productive), but that’ll happen soon.

As you can see, I reworked the “stop” phase, to first terminate all running processes and then dismount all tapes in order to avoid data corruption (that was an advice from our friendly IBM systems engineer); if that fails, try terminating it by a “friendly” kill (SIGTERM); and if that ain’t helping, kill it the “Die Hard Way”™ (SIGKILL).

Defragmenting all fragmented MyISAM tables

I just had another look at what I wrote the week before last (you know, being home-sick/on vacation has it’s advantages) and additionally read up on “OPTIMIZE TABLE” again. The comments in the manual mention “SHOW TABLE STATUS“, which gives you a complete list, but it doesn’t allow you to filter certain kinds of things out (like I only wanted to see MyISAM tables in the list, I only wanted database and table).

So I went ahead and looked around in MySQL’s own databases and if you look closely at information_schema, it’s got a list of all databases/tables with an additional pointer whether or not databases are fragmented, the row Data_free. I only found this, because I looked at how the mysqltuner figured whether or not you have fragmented tables.

So, without further ado, here’s the final script I’m gonna torture for the next week:

I know it ain’t completely bullet proof and it sure as hell isn’t neat, but I think it does the job. Also, if you don’t want to paste it, here’s the file download.

High Definition Multimedia Interface

Well, I bought myself a new TV last week (and it was finally delivered on Monday), which came with a HDM Interface. I also bought me a DVD player some time between New years eve and now (I don’t really remember when, I guess I could look at the invoice, but I’m lazy) with an HDM Interface.

Up till now, I had a SCART cable to interface the DVD player with my TV (the old one was really old, didn’t have no other interface). So when my brother said he was gonna go shopping, I told him he should bring me a HDMI cable. And he did that without any whining or complaining. He only said, I owe him 40 EUR …

At that point, I basically went WTF … Forty euros for a FUCKING 2 meter cable ?! Even if it’s completely molded out of gold, it’s still rip-off.

What’s up, dude ?

Some people might ask, “Gosh, what’s up with you ?” .. Well I’ve been incredibly busy with work the last month (sheeesh, another month already passed by). We finally finished the public tender; gonna get some of the components next week (that is the library extension, the LTO4 drives and cartridges, two brand new Cisco MDS9134 and some Fibre channel hard disks for the existing DS4700). After work, I made my usual visits in the gym and well, after I was home some relaxing, kicking up my feet and doing nothing (as in zip).

I’ve visited Munich in late August for a job interview (though they handed me the “Dude, you’re good. But you only finished second” answer by now), had a long weekend for a change (as in five days), which I used to visit my aunt and my cousin in Stuttgart.

Spent some more time figuring out TYPO3 stuff for work, made a terrible mistake (copied a vHost configuration and changed only the ServerName, left the ServerAlias‘es in place). I’m currently writing a review (as well as a Nagios impacted howto) for the MessPC Ethernetbox, hopefully once I’m back at work I’ll be able to finish it.

Right now, I’m home sick (yup, again) with a cold (or something similar, still having para nasal occlusion). Well, I guess I’m gonna be fine next week (at least I hope so …). Cherio.