Linux-HA and Tivoli Storage Manager

Well, since we received part of our shipment on Wednesday, I finally looked at how we’re gonna deploy our active/active Tivoli Storage Manager configuration. Right now, we do have a single pSeries box hosting ~100 client nodes which we’re looking to split by two (since we do have two x366 for that purpose now).
Now, as there ain’t no solution for this scenario yet (neither from International Business Machines nor someone out of the open source community), I sat down and started writing an OCF Resource agent for dsmserv (that is the Tivoli Storage Manager server).
At first I had a bit trouble adjusting myself on how stupid/non-standard dsmserv is, but after reading through the Storage Manager Installation handbook (on multiple installations on a single server) and through some peoples notes on multiple deployments of Tivoli Storage Manager on the same server, I think I managed to get my head around it.
I still think the resource agent lacks some real testing (I put a two node cluster online on Tuesday, but that is non-productive), but that’ll happen soon.

As you can see, I reworked the “stop” phase, to first terminate all running processes and then dismount all tapes in order to avoid data corruption (that was an advice from our friendly IBM systems engineer); if that fails, try terminating it by a “friendly” kill (SIGTERM); and if that ain’t helping, kill it the “Die Hard Way”™ (SIGKILL).

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