IBM TS7530 and DNS

Well, we had our TS7530 delivered in late September, the day after the IBM service guys came by to prep the VTL for our needs (IBM sells the thing as black box). Now, since that day; they fought with the Call Home functionality. The trouble was simply, that the Call Home Service running on the Virtualization Engines just didn’t start.

After about 6 weeks of trial and error (and the IBM service guys popping in every second week), they finally found the cause of the Call Home Service not being able to start. Domain Name Resolution. Neither the IP addresses of the VE’s nor the VE console were registered in our DNS/or local host files.

After I walked over to the networking department and had them register them IP addresses, everything is honky donkey.

Nagios and check_ram yet again

As some people know, I previously “created” (mostly modified the check_swap plug-in to print RAM usage) check_ram in C. Now one of my problems for the past few months was putting the C plug-in as well as “supported” environment under the same hat. Today I had another look at the amount of available plug-ins in NagiosExchange. There are quite a few plug-ins available, but as I do have some experience with Python, I used the one written in Python.

It was rather easy hacking in support for performance data into it, as the below shows. Someone else already posted a non-unified diff for performance data support, but that ain’t quite right according to the Nagios plug-in development guidelines.

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