Nagios and check_ram yet again

As some people know, I previously “created” (mostly modified the check_swap plug-in to print RAM usage) check_ram in C. Now one of my problems for the past few months was putting the C plug-in as well as “supported” environment under the same hat. Today I had another look at the amount of available plug-ins in NagiosExchange. There are quite a few plug-ins available, but as I do have some experience with Python, I used the one written in Python.

It was rather easy hacking in support for performance data into it, as the below shows. Someone else already posted a non-unified diff for performance data support, but that ain’t quite right according to the Nagios plug-in development guidelines.

Now, with that simple plug-in I can go ahead and package the thing separately, without the need to figure out a way to get them nagios-plugins to install some useful includes …

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