More MD weirdness

Well, at last I’m getting somewhere with my troubles. This only seems to be happening when creating an RAID5 multiple device with four disks, this doesn’t happen with three.

Now, the next thing I tried was to create a three disk array, and then adding the fourth disk as spare and then extending the array with that fourth disk. After that, all these errors seem to appear again *yuck* So I either possess rather faulty disks, or something else is fishy, since I’m having another four disk RAID5 array with the old disks …

MD (Multiple Devices) weirdness

Well, I don’t think my problem has anything to do with the DawiControl card anymore. I did a little experiment today. I created a 1TiB EXT3 file system on a single drive (one of the new 1TiB drives obviously) and started syncing data over to it (roughly 800MiB).

Now, then I unmounted the drive(s), ran fsck -C -f /dev/sd${deviceletter}1 and it went through without any trouble. Then I removed the partition and created a 1GiB partition on each drive, which I then used to build a new device mapper RAID5 array (with EXT3 on top …).

And guess what happened after I copied the data over, unmounted the file system and ran fsck ? Sure, same thing as yesterday. Now, this means either it’s a mdadm bug, while creating the array or really MD’s fault (which I can rule out, since the same happens on 2.6.25 as well as on 2.6.28) … *shrug*