VMware vCenter: is not connected

Well, today I once again had the case where a virtual machine (in my case a Virtual Machine Template) was kinda stuck. You couldn’t remove the template (as in the entries for “Remove from inventory” was grayed out) and you couldn’t re-add the Virtual Machine’s VMX from the datastore browser either.

VI Client - Disconnected templates
VI Client – Disconnected templates

Though, a simple putting the host into maintenance mode and rebooting helped that problem. Maybe there is a simpler solution for this, I just don’t know about it.

Thanks to Sven in #1, I now know that simple solution for my problem!

Half a minute, and a heart-stopping moment later (all VM’s on that host turn grey after the first update) the VM’s are accessible again. Thanks again to Sven!

3 thoughts to “VMware vCenter: is not connected”

  1. Hi Christian,
    “/etc/init.d/mgmt-vmware restart” also helps 😉 There’s no need to restart the whole machine…
    Sven (a normaly “read-only” User of your Blog)

  2. Hrm, nice one Sven .. Thanks a lot 😀 vCenter takes about half a minute to reload the inventory from the ESX in question, but then shows what I wanted.

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