Weird TS3500 problem: redux

Well, after yesterday’s episode with our tape library today continued to be a taxing day. After restarting a few exports that were hanging yesterday due to our library problems, something similar returned. TSM was unable to locate a few (two to be exact) tapes in the library.

Yet the library reported the tapes were still inventoried. *shrug* Here we are again, looking completely baffled. After a short while trying to figure out what to do, we went through the Data Cartridge inventory again. As it turns out, through putting the library in “Pause”-Mode and restarting TSM multiple times, TSM apparently completely forgot that it had these tapes put into drives.

After manually moving the tapes back to their home slot via the management interface of the TS3500 and setting the volume access mode back to read-write, everything is fine now I could finish my pending exports!