Well, out of boredom I stated on Friday that I’d gonna go look for a hammock, since the beach chair quite isn’t enough. I went through every DIY superstore in Stralsund, but none of them had anything like I wanted (basically I wanted a wooden hammock, which would be able to carry me). Thanks to the Internet though, I was quite fast at a point where I found something (Amazon rules!)

At first I picked only a mat which I canceled right after I got the confirmation mail. After about 10 minutes I finally found a hammock with frame, which actually suited what I had in mind. Now, the excerpt on the Web page tells something about “Usually ready for dispatch in 6 till 10 days“. On Tuesday the hauler’s office called me at work (I completely forgot, that I supplied my work phone number as number during the day — which completely surprised me), they would like to deliver the hammock on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, they delivered the ~70 kg heavy crate, which we ferried with the wheel barrow to the rear part of the lot. Yesterday, my dad and I put the thing together and I had a first sun bath test.


Hammock with frame
Hammock with frame

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