VCP410 exam

I’ve been learning for my VCP-410 exam the last week or so, and what can I say ? It helped … 463 points of a total of 500 points ain’t that bad at all (considering I spend twenty minutes doing it).

Sure, I could have spent more time, and do better than 92,6%, but then again: why should I ?

The achieved points (nor the percentage) don’t appear on the certificate (or at least it didn’t on the old one), so why bother. Anyway, that was my christmas present to myself, it that light; happy christmas ya’ll.

One thought to “VCP410 exam”

  1. Congrats and welcome to the VCP4 club!
    I did my exam last week in 17 minutes, got 475 point 😉

    greets and happy X-Mas 🙂

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