HOWTO: Installing XBMC on a Acer Revo R3600 with Ubuntu Jaunty/Karmic

Yesterday out of a sudden, the sound on my Acer Revo stopped working. Don’t ask me why, I didn’t update anything in between New Years eve and today. Just no sound. Tried removing my .asoundrc, tried rebooting, tried powering off; but nothing worked.

Since the Revo was running Jaunty Jackalope, I decided to reinstall the box (yeah, yet again) — but this time with Karmic Koala. Took this forums post and this blog entry as pointer (ie what needed to be installed), and started from there. And guess what … after finishing all that, changing the settings in XBMC — tada sound works. After finishing, I turned the box off and then back on, booted to the “old” installation — guess what .. Sound is working again. I really don’t have a single clue as to why the heck the sound stopped working and the started working without any doing, but I’m glad 😛

As a pointer to myself, here’s a complete list of commands that need to be done to get a working installation of XBMC. Requirement for this is a minimal installation of Jaunty Jackalope/Karmic Koala.

Now we just need to configure the audio output to pipe everything through HDMI. For that change the settings in Settings -> System -> Audio Output like this:

XBMC Audio Output Settings

Or if you like messing with ~/.xbmc/userdata/guisettings.xml:

As for the changed device names of the input device (ie usb-Formosa21_USB_IR_Receiver-event-ir (Jaunty) vs. usb-Formosa21_USB_IR_Receiver-event-mouse (Karmic), just take the Lircmap.xml from here, and change the remote-Line accordingly.

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