Ember MM, XBMC and 0s Video Duration

Some of you out there may know, I am using Ember MM to scrape my movies and TV episodes. One thing about that is, that Ember MM is kinda stupid doing so.

After the 9.10-release of XMBC, they apparently changed the XML format, introducting durationinseconds, which is basically like duration, just … yeah you guessed right, in seconds.

Now Ember MM doesn’t know that, and still writes the old duration-tag. Now, everytime when something goes kaboom! with my library, I do have to rescrape all my episodes and movies, which isn’t a big deal since the NFO’s are still on disk. However, since I didn’t watch them (as Ember doesn’t know about the lastplayed-tag) XBMC is not showing any runtime in the GUI. Now this isn’t annoying per se, but it was just bugging me (and since I got lots of spare time, due to being chained to the sofa).

So I ended up comparing exports of movie databases before and after playing back an episode and came up with a smallish shell script to do the rescanning and replacing of stuff for me.

Since Ember doesn’t provide anything like hooks or “post-scraping”, this is the only way I can think of doing this. If anyone has a smarter idea, I’m all ears.

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