Emptying a VMFS datastore with PowerCLI

Well, once again I hacked at the Powershell/PowerCLI the other day. Since we don’t yet have a Enterprise Plus license at work (which would support Datastore Maintaince and Storage DRS), I needed a way to empty one datastore and move all the content into another one, while enabling Thin-Provisioning.

So I googled for a bit, and actually found a few hints … So without further yada-yada, here’s the script I came up with:

Initially I have something different, which was a bit shorter (based on Brian‘s work), but it had a huge downside: If you have vRDMs (like I do), it converts every damn vRDM into a VMDK, so make sure you only run this script on a datastore on VMs that either have only pRDMs or VMs with only VMDKs.

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