The Illusion “Holiday”

Hrm, Seemant … were did I mention something about holidays / vacation ? *shrug* I remember that I told you (and also in my previous blog post); its even in my .away file feeding the devaway; that I’m taking a break due to increased real-time work load. 🙂

I never ever said something about going on vacation or being on holiday. That would actually be great (and I could use the break from everything, even the distance to some very people) but is currently virtually impossible. Basically it’s because of an HBFG (that’s something like “University building assistance law” translated – for the Germans it’s “Hochschulbauförderungsgesetz“) application that has been recommended for implementation. Now I’m stuck in the middle of an tendering procedure that has to be announced all over Germany.

Thus I’m currently working on the performance description for this application, that we decided to split into two seperate ones. One is for thin-clients and monitors, the other one is for all the redundancy crap.

I finished both today, will need to talk to my colleague about it in detail (since we need to be certain about what we want), so the tender may start within the next two weeks.

That means, that starting with December 01st, my Time-out / break will be finished (at least that’s what it looks like currently).

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