Bloggo-battle/-war, time-out, holiday (and all other that is completly unnecessary)

OK, Seemant just started our little Bloggo-war he promised me yesterday (don’t even think about it, I just applied for protection of trademarks), I guess I need to address his questions.

#1: Holiday vs. Time-out
Holiday ain’t exactly what I refer to as time-out. Holiday is something for old and lazy people or those that got taken into holiday with their parents (hah, always wanted to say that 😛 haven’t had real holidays since, err, I was 10 or so). Time-out is something that I refer to when I need some time off my irssi/mail. Usually I hang out with the irssi session attached, watching my mails. Probably that’s also the reason, why I can’t take a real break along with my brain that seems to think about random stuff that happened in the last few months all day long.

#2: Comparing myself with Alec
That comparison with Alec’s hiatus sucks a bit. Basically Alec really had something like a time-out, as he was learning for a test(?), so he was at least two weeks not available. My time-out has become my most active time (at least regarding to recruiters related stuff) as everyone else decided to vanish/go offline for three weeks or so (they aren’t all, but iirc Simon is on some trip, christel was in the US at that time, Bryan was also iirc for some days).

#3: Real life vs. keyboard
I occasionally have the habit, to simply lay off for a single weekend, and just help my parents with some stuff (like mowing the lawn or fixing the attic). But as it’s pretty cold and rainy outside, no lawn-mowing for me. And the attic is fixed, so nothing else to do.

I also try to enjoy the landscape Rügen (that’s the largest island Germany possesses, and no it ain’t Sylt!) which also lifts my mood a bit (but also drowns it, because being alone sucks).

#4: Managing Stress (real life vs. Gentoo)
I have to admit, that I usually try to compensate real life stress with Gentoo work, as I really have fun with what I’m doing currently. All those devrel people (that’s kloeri, fmccor, christel, blubb, Kugelfang, …) are really cute, they welcomed me pretty warmth when I joined the recruiters.

Also Bene (that’s Hollow or Benedikt) who has been a real friend and colleague for the past year (heh, he was my mentor!). And also to mention here is christel, who has been so endearing, always making me smile because of her manner she talks, reading all that crap I used to write; that’s her “Christian update” (and of course all that hugging :P). Also Mr. Lud (solar, that’s you), who has been really understandable, always kind and adorable for his knowledge. Lately I have to mention Alexander Gabert (that’s pappy), who has really been a help (with hardened-sources-2.6.18 for example, but also with some other minor problems). Along with that all the people in #-dev trying to make a fun out of something (see my previous two #gentoo-dev fun posts). And last but not least, you Seemant have been a real friend, that makes Gentoo at least 20% more interesting.

#5: Deserving holiday vs. being able to afford those holidays
As I’m currently saving for my first own car (which should at least please me, both with the gas price and with its exterior), I really can’t afford any holiday that would relieve me from current thoughts and my current real life responsibilities.

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