Seemant, never ending wisdom and work (confession)

So Uncle Seemant just conceded his defeat (at least for yesterday’s battle) which gives me something I barely have. But for today’s battle I guess I have to concede, as he has some valid points.

#0: Why am I still awake ?
It’s a bit after 12pm around here (that’s in Germany) and I’m usually in bed at that time, but not today. Basically I waited all the time for my dear Uncle Seemant to gimme his response, so I might be enlightened by his never ending wisdom. And I have to admit it was worth it πŸ˜› so kids, listen to your Uncle Seemant! The other part of it is, I just don’t want to go to bed, as I’m trying to avoid some nightmares with blood and killing people and stuff like that.

#1: Weekend road trip
Well I have to admit I thought about it, and it really sounds tempting, to leave the Notebook, even the damn cell phone at home, and just go some place no one can distract me. Not even those stupid thoughts …

#2: The reason for getting away
Problem is, anything that would tempt me to get a look at is about >300km away, so that might be a no-go for the weekend. Yeah, I know. It sounds crazy, but I actually might go to church on Sunday, maybe even do a confession. Clubbing also sounds interesting (hrm, has been a while .. πŸ˜› and the last one had a bad ending) as does the Frisbee, but as you already noticed, it’s a bit too cold for that πŸ˜› If I were in Spain or Italy right now, that might be an option but not up here.

#3: Hanging out with other people
Well I guess there lies the problem within πŸ˜› I usually have a problem with people I don’t know, I actually fear them. I’m so terribly frightened they might eventually hurt me or my feelings (as it happened too often in the past), I don’t even want to know them.

#4: Going off and being unable to think about something other
You’re point is partly true, but when I’m off the hook, I can’t stop thinking about Gentoo, work and some people. Guess that’s a pretty hazardous combination …

A dear friend of mine phrased it this way today: “As long as you keep projecting all the stuff that happens around you onto yourself, you won’t get anything but sadness and depressions!“. And she even mentioned the letting go part !

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