OK, you probably remember Seemant telling me I should take the weekend off. I had a nice day so far, didn’t do anything work or Gentoo related (which is a bit of a shame), had a small battle with my younger brother about him arguing with my father while having lunch, but afterwards I headed into town (Stralsund that is), did a bit of window shopping; spotted a nice watch (which is for sale for only ~300 €), even tried to get into a movie, but it seems CineStar (that’s a local chain of cinema’s) is trying to boycott me.

I wanted to watch the new movie with Uma Thurman “My Super Ex-Girlfriend“, where she is playing an outrageous ex girlfriend with superman like powers. But looks like they aren’t showing the movie yet, but they’re showing “Cars“, you remember that – its that odd animated film with the speaking cars (which is from September if I recall rightly).

Not even in Greifswald (that’s the town I work in, which is ~40km away), the next bigger city they are playing it, is Rostock. But that’s ~80km away one way, so what the fuck.

I’m watching some old movies from my DVD rack (“The Patriot” – with Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger, “S.W.A.T.” – with Colin Farrell and Samuel L. Jackson) currently, trying to relax a bit and give my head some time out. I hope tomorrow will get as exciting, comforting and relaxing as today. 🙂

I’m planning to get to the beach tomorrow, and maybe even take my bike with me (if the weather allows – and it ain’t as rainy as it was earlier today). Maybe I’ll take my digital camera with me and make some photo’s of the view you have at the north-east coast of Rügen (that’s Sellin – Baabe – Göhren)

Thanks again Uncle Seemant!

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