Merry frackin Christmas

Wow, it has been quite a year, this year. Christmas Eve was over pretty fast, we had a nice (smallish) lunch and in the evening we had meat fondue (which was really tasty).
Today is Christmas Day, we had lunch earlier (a nice duck with Spätzle of course – to get my weekly dose) and I’m sitting now upstairs in front of my Notebook, listening to some tunes (to keep myself calm).

As usual, I had a fight with my little brother yesterday, as every year, about completely random moronic stuff. But the evening wasn’t all bad, everyone enjoyed the fondue, we had a glass of wine (one per person ;P) and sat around the table and talked. Everyone got nice presents (I finally foundSpace Cowboys” (my brother bought it for me *yay* …) and he even bestowed me with Godzilla (as in the ’99 movie with Matthew Broderick and Jean Reno), which is what I’ve been watching the last two hours.

I also got a new swivel chair for my desk, since the old, broken one is standing outside in the garden. My mom bestowed me with some more stuff to read (for those curious, the sequel of Bourne Identity – The Bourne Supremacy), which I already started to read.

On other news, my mom just asked me if I want to go to the Hospital tomorrow (because I’m badly in pain – even worse on a pretty sensitive area of my body). All that because of the darned, frackin urologist, who thought gluing some antibiotic ointment onto this part of my body would make me feel better. Turns out, now all out of the sudden, the thing is peeling. Guess this is going to turn into a most “pleasent” vacation (as in spending a part of my vacation in hospital) *shrug*

I also planned to get my ass to Stuttgart on December 28th, to visit my aunt, my cousine and her husband, and all the other relatives that still live there. Let’s see how the hospital turns out.

So long .. “Merry frackin Christmas and a happy new year !!

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