That’s why …

… I’d break a butterfly on a wheel … I was coming out of the office, and found my car this way:


Up close
Up close
Birdie view
Birdie view
Well happy me, I had some sort of cleanup detail for 20:00 local time (as in get all that birdie poooo of my damn roof!), and surprisingly once I was finished cleaning all the shit up, it started raining. Now, I’m never, *ever* gonna park below that dove/whateverdamndevilbirdyouare housing tree no more!

One thought to “That’s why …”

  1. Sorry about the car, that happens and omg yes it sucks. There are these very cute very small hummingbirds that nested in my car port and I had the same trouble!
    All that aside, Chrischie, you are such a terrific friend and a great guy. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I wish you all the best in the year to come. *hugs*
    Love ya,

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