SIL 3114 barfing

Well, after I had so much trouble with the USB converter (which isn’t really suited for Linux), I went ahead and bought a DawiControl DC-154 (which is using a SIL3114) controller to migrate my stuff.

After fucking up the new RAID array with the 1TB disks on the old controller (luckily I had the old hard disks still lying around, which still contained the RAID array), I plugged the 1TB disks onto the new controller and started building the array. So after 760 minutes (that’s nearly 13 hours) of synchronizing the newly created array, I was finally able to create the file system — that should be without trouble, right ?

Well, yeah … it was … So I started putting the data on the newly created array (using rsync). Only problem: something seems to be corrupting data (as in EXT3 is barfing up a lot of file system errors).

(fsck.ext3 is returning much, much more ..)

After putting the blame on EXT3, I tried out reiserfs (yeah, yeah I know .. baaaad idea). Well, at first it didn’t put out any errors, but running fsck.reiserfs turned up errors that looked a lot like the ones fsck.ext3 returned.

Then, I started looking at the array size (since I was curious), and it said the new array on four 1TB disks is ~760GB. Now according to my improper math, using 4* 1000GB drives the total usable amount of disk space should be something like 2793.96GB, and not ~760GB. *shrug*

I’m out of idea’s right now, and I’m gonna wait till January till I do anything else.

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