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Well, I had the pleasure of flying with Germanwings on Friday and Sunday. As it turns out, if you fly with Germanwings you should plan some more time. On Friday, we were scheduled for departure at 17:00 (that’s 5 P.M.). Around 6 P.M. the flight assistant(s) guarding the gate announced that the flight is being delayed for a unspecified amount of time due to maintenance. At 7 P.M. they announced that again.

At 7:30 P.M. they announced that they’re very sorry, but the machine standing in front of the terminal was being replaced by a replacement plane leaving from Stuttgart and is arriving around 10 P.M. and leaving for Stuttgart at 10:30 P.M. So they pushed this one back to the repair hangar …

Broken A-319
Broken A-319

So, after five hours of waiting and about one hour flight time, we finally arrived at Stuttgart, just ten minutes till the airport had to close (remember, at most airports there is a ban on night flights). After another thirty minutes I was finally able to take the looooong awaited nap!

2 thoughts to “GermanWings travels”

  1. Hey dude,

    lol omg thats sounds very funny – sitting on the airport with out anything 😀 And i think there was noting like wireless internet access ? *g*

    (Ich schmeiß mich weg… :D)

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