IBM RSA II adapter and Java RE (fini)

If you remember back to July, I looked into some troubles I had with the IBM RSA II adapter’s Java interface and the latest JRE updates. I just noticed, that IBM released a new firmware yesterday for the RSA. The ChangeLog states this:

Version 1.13, GFEP35A
Problem(s) Fixed:

* Suggested
o Fix for Remote Control General Exception in JRE 1.6 update 12 and above.
o Corrected a problem that DHCP renew/release may fail after a long time.
o Corrected a problem that remote control preference link disapears after creating new key buttons.
o Corrected a problem that cause event number shows only from 0 to 255 when views RSA log via telnet session.

As you can see, IBM finally decided that it isn’t a Sun problem but rather their own! Finally, after about 4 months a fix, yay!

Even if the fix is just for the x3550 for now, but that puts a light to the end of the tunnel and puts up hope, that they are gonna fix it for the other RSA adapters too!

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