UCS blades w/ Boot-from-SAN and AutoYaST

As I wrote before about enabling multipathing for the AutoYaST installation it’s about time I write this one here.

Sadly AutoYaST needs a little push in the right direction (as to where to actually put the root device), so here’s part of my AutoYaST profile for such a Cisco blade:

Now, the profile addition takes care of the placement of the root-device now (simply parses multipath -ll) and adjusts the pulled profile accordingly (/tmp/profile/modified.xml), which AutoYaST then re-reads.

Now, after installing the system, it’s gonna come up broken and shitty. That’s what the chroot-script above is for. This script looks like this (the original idea was here, look through the attachments):

What the script does, is 1) fix the occurances of /dev/mapper/, since this isn’t the proper way 2) create a multipathing initrd. Without the creation of the multipath-aware initrd the system will also not boot!

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