Hrm, today I tried to install some extra programs I need for devel-stuff (quilt, git, subversion) on an ancient (not sooo ancient) SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.2.

Did I already mention I hate rpm-based distros ? Ah and I missed to tell you, that I really love USE-flags …

Ok, so it took me half the afternoon, to rebuild half of all installed packages (heh, kde* depends upon expat*; but who need X or even KDE on a server-machine?) and figured that everything was for nothing.

I found no RPM/SRPM providing te_ams, so I couldn’t install xmlto, which in fact resulted that I couldn’t install git. Also took a look at the git.spec file, where something like –without=docs is mentioned.

Either its this ancient rpm-version, or that generally doesn’t work. So I’m fscked, not git on that machine and short-handed just ssh -e rsync’ed my local linux-git to that machine. It’s a bit inconvenient, but works.

I’ll look into that tomorrow, maybe I even manage to get the damn git working on that machine (or even dump SLES9 in favour of SLES10 / Gentoo!).