LiveCD, bootstraping and binary packages

Ok, as I said earlier I’m currently reinstalling my system from scratch (to finally and completly get rid of stupid eselect-compiler).

The first attempt was a bit, ehrm, error-prone (as in unpacking stage3-i686-2006.0.tar.bz2, chrooting to that and running emerge -ek system). Result was a b0rked chroot after the first two packages (heh, it was pulling in =sys-libs/glibc-2.4-r3 as the second package, thus everything that hasn’t been merged from my binpkg-repo and still originating from the snapshot being broken).

After removing the whole stuff again, again unpacking the stage3 tarball I simply untar’ed all system related (or those that I thought were vital) tarballs into the /mnt/gentoo directory.

*arg* after I finished writing those lines, I tried sudo gcc-config 6 to see if that would work. And what happens ?

Same old, same old …

portage / eselect-compiler

On Monday I helped Ned fixing ebuilds using the following DEPEND/RDEPEND:

Problems only popped up because app-admin/eselect-compiler got masked due to numerous, unresolved bugs (and Jeremy/eradicator being MIA again).

But that also revealed a bug within portage on handling the || ( a b ), where a is being masked.

So solar and I had being working on updating those ebuilds that use the above syntax (or something similar, some are using other versions, thanks Sven for the hint/reminder).

But now I’m sitting here with a broken system (ask tsunam about yesterday evening, ~ 20:00 UTC), unable to switch gcc-versions (due to gcc-config-1.3 misbehaving in some way and always only setting the cross-compiler when it should set the native-compiler).

I decided to reinstall the system from my kept binary packages (heh FEATURES=buildpkg ++), just backed up /etc (and left /home and /root). Will see how that turns out.