SLES-9.2 (continued)

OK, so after yesterdays battle with SLES and rpm, I decided to simply upgrade rpm (again rpmbuild -bb rpm.spec as in from source).

I had to tune (hah, remove stuff that isn’t working on this ancient gcc-3.3.3 ie. -fstack-protector) a bit to get it working, wasted 20 minutes worth of CPU time and ~30 of my time. I finally gave up. I couldn’t persuade neither rpm, nor git to compile on the damn SLES/Dell.

While the above was running, I did some compile-testing on Tim’s behalf (he back ported the e1000-driver updates from 2.6.18 to our 2.6.17 branch), seems to work so far.

On a more personal note, I’d like to stab all people neglecting their promises!