Suspected NRPE weirdness

Well, I just noticed a really weird thing, when you have command line arguments enabled.

Here’s a snippet from my nrpe.cfg:

Now, if you’d check the free space for the root, it ain’t gonna show any inode percentage (that one isn’t what I’m talking about). But if you have to use bind mounts like I do (Tivoli needs a separate “domain” — that is a separate mount point for each domain), you might wanna check the free space on the *real* device, rather than the free space on the bind mount (which is gonna show you the free space of the parent file system – in my case the root fs).

Let’s take a look at what I’m talking about. If you use the check_disk locally like this:

Means, everything is okay, you have to pass the extra trailing slash to the –partition argument, as otherwise it would pick up the bind mount at /backup.

Now, if we do the above by means of NRPE, that’s gonna get you a different result. As I showed above, I have the check_disk command in my nrpe.cfg, I also specifically enabled command arguments during compile time.

Now, why the hell isn’t it picking up the *original* mount point of the file system ? Guess why … Because I added -E to the command, because it didn’t use the original mount point but rather the bind mount in /backup. Removing the -E and it picks up the *original* mount point without any trouble *shrug*.