Custom macros in host definitions

Well, I was playing with the hostgroup inheritance earlier. One problem with that is, if you define a duplicate service Nagios is really unpredictable or rather inconsistent. Now, as Thomas Guyot-Sionnest told me, I should try custom macros for the check definition. So what I did was the following:




As you can see, the default RDP port is 3389 (as defined in the host template), but for some systems you might want to “change” the port (for example, if you’re having a Citrix farm and you changed the RDP port to something else and still want to be able to check whether or not the RDP service is active), thus the check using the macro, and a single host redefining the macro, thus having a bit more flexibility.

zypper-update-report (was: patch2mail for SLES10)

Well, after some more refining I think I finally have a script I ain’t never gonna touch again (unless something breaks, which can happen quick as we all know).

The script now uses a sysconfig file for the common settings (like sender, receipents, categories to scan for), so it may be deployed en mass.