Debugging “rug”

Well, it’s 7pm. I’m sitting at home and thinking about why in gods name rug isn’t adding my update repository. I can add the service using yast inst_source, but when yast then syncs with ZenWorks, it tells me something like:

Failed to get repomd/repodata.xml; Reason: 530 – Access denied

So my fellow co-worker turned on the debug-logging and we quickly found out why: rug isn’t using the command line credentials I was passing.

Now I only need to find out, why rug isn’t using them, and how I’m able to pass username and password to rug .. Or not, after looking through the Novell community, I found bug 204741 in Novell’s bugzilla. Guess, what .. It’s marked WONTFIX (or whatever, I can’t view the duplicate bug).