Short vacation

Well, Arne recently (not really recently though .. 😛 ) complained about my blog being waaay to technical, so I ended up writing this lil’ anecdote.

I’m finally on my long awaited, the remaining year lasting vacation. Last week was interrupted by a short job interview in Nuremberg, and also by the flu (not “again“, I still got it in me, haven’t been able to shake it now for about three months).

Today I’m spending the night on Spiekeroog, which is a smallish island in the middle of the North Sea. It’s a real neat island, and if I would have the choice of deciding whether or not to move here for the same salary, I’d probably do it. Spiekeroog certainly does have a certain amount of flair, which I ain’t gonna deny. But it also does have it’s drawbacks.

One thing “neat” about Spiekeroog is, that it’s completely isolated from the CO² pollution. There is not a single car on the island (well, besides emergency services like police and fire/rescue) – only electric cars.

It’s located in the North Sea, so it’s exposed to the raw Atlantic weather of which I got a good taste today. When I was planning the trip a few weeks back, I allotted about 8 hours for the 400km’ish trip to Neuharlingersiel. Due to my driving “skills” ( 😀 others would say I do have a rather heavy foot – 170km/h or 105.6331 mph for those not able to deal with the metric system ❗ ), I was there about two hours early. So I went eating some crab soup (which was really delicious) and then went down to the harbour, where the hotel boat was gonna pick me up. And then it started raining (as in pouring), with only about 2°C air temperature. So basically I was freezing my bollocks off.

Anyway, after eating dinner worth fifty bucks in the restaurant (well, don’t forget the expensive rose wine – which was a bit sour actually, as well as the three bucks of delicious tea) I’m now all cosy within my bed and all tucked in.

Cheerio for now!

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